Wednesday, February 12, 2014

New Book Release!

My first young adult novel is available on Amazon right now as an ebook! The print will be available shortly.

I tend to think of it as my "accidental" novel. I'm working on another book (sorta of adult urban fantasy) and the main character of WHIRLWIND, Arden Lewis, started nagging at me. In the down time from the other book, I would jot down notes and, well, the writing started. The next thing I knew, I had a book finished.

WHIRLWIND sat on my laptop for several months. I didn't think about it much. A couple of young adults in my life were looking for something to read, so I passed it along. The feedback was great, so I sent it to a few more people. After much consideration, I decided it wasn't going to get read if I just left on my laptop. So, here it is.

Here's the link to my main website: . There's a brief description (also below), as well as a free first chapter. If you want to skip all that and go right to Amazon, well, here you go! Please pass the word, share/like/retweet on Facebook and Twitter @mdelf. Word of mouth will be the way to make the book a success. Thanks!

Arden Lewis has a secret.

When Arden discovers she can control the weather, she leaves her secluded family farm to live in Everglen among her own kind—Paragons who can control the elements with their minds and bodies.

Arden soon learns that being a Paragon means being a target for darker forces that want to exploit her Talent—or destroy it. She must navigate the turmoil of high school and the uncertainty of her first crush, all while keeping her Talent from prying eyes. 

She needs to keep secrets in order to survive.

But secrets are built on lies, and when secrecy becomes paramount, the lies become dangerous. No matter whom she trusts, no matter how hard she tries to control her Talent, Arden’s life begins to spiral out of control--with fatal consequences.

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