Monday, January 16, 2012

UNDONE DEEDS -- a little more info.....

The next Connor Grey is coming out January 31, 2012---two weeks away! As usual with these things, a few copies are already popping up here and there, which always fascinates me. How do people get them before I do???

Here’s the back copy from the book:

Connor Grey, a druid consultant for the Boston P.D., usually helps the cops solve their “strange” cases, but now he’s the suspect in the midst of one. Wrongly accused of a terrorist act that rocked the city to its core, Connor evades arrest by going underground, where rumors of war are roiling. A final confrontation between the Celtic and Teutonic fey looks inevitable—with Boston as the battlefield.

Undercover agents are turning up dead in the Weird—their murders brushed aside and ignored—and Connor exposes a citywide conspiracy of silence that seems linked to the inexorable march to war. As he digs deeper into the mysterious deaths, Connor draws closer to the secrets of a past he has sought for so long. And as friends and allies abandon him one by one, Connor discovers that in the clash between light and dark, and in the face of a cataclysm of epic proportions, he might have to make the ultimate sacrifice to save the world.

UNDONE DEEDS is the sixth book in the series. I’m pretty excited about it because Answers Will Be Revealed. This book is the culmination of the series arc I’ve been working on from the beginning. I think most of the major questions people have had are answered here, maybe not in the way some people hoped, and, of course, a few things are left mysterious. But for the most part, this has been the story I wanted to tell.

Which is not to say the world of Connor Grey is finished. I think readers know I made the Convergent World a pretty big place with a huge cast of characters. I’ve told only one person’s story. Will there be more? *shrug* That’s up to Ace Books thinks about where I want to take things next.

And, of course, you guys. One of the greatest pleasures of writing is sharing the world you create. I’ve been honored and flattered and humbled by reader reaction so far. I hope I don’t disappoint you all.

Here’s the link to the website to read more about UNDONE DEEDS

Friday, January 6, 2012

UNDONE DEEDS Releases January 31, 2012!

The title says it all, folks! Check out my website for a free first chapter and links to preorder.

I'll be blogging a bit more about it soon. Right now I have to remember all my passwords to my blog and website panels. Argh.

oh, and Happy New Year!